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Karen's Musings

Random Rambling

29 January 1976
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I'm really bad at summing myself up in a "biography" like this. I'm not an especially exciting person, but I'm content with my life, which is something I never really thought I'd be.

I am married to a wonderful man, sethcohen, who puts up with my idiosyncrasies and the occasional temper tantrum. We live together with 2 cats. I call the cats my furry little in-laws since I married into them, and would not otherwise have acquired the little allergens. Secretly I love them, despite the sneezing, but don't tell them that!

We have a six year old monster foster son, whom we adore. He is such a joy and always usually a good natured kid despite the awesome responsibility of being a big brother to three, count 'em, THREE babies. That's right - in 2007, after a long wait, and a harrowing pregnancy, I delivered three perfect angels. There was a time that having triplets was my worst nightmare - now I can't imagine my life any other way. And now we have a new addition to the family - a beautiful baby girl born in April 2010. What a wonderful gift we've been given.

Other than that... well, I'm an Orthodox Jew. This baffles my friends and family a bit, as I haven't always been Orthodox. But that's okay. This is me now, and I'm pretty content to be me.

I suppose that's all. Like I said, I'm not an especially exciting person. My journal is mostly babbling about my life and gibberish about my children. I try to keep politics out of it, except when I genuinely want opinions. I hate politics in general, though I understand other people's fascination with them. Sometimes I get complaints that there are Jewish terms in my journal that not everyone understands. Sometimes I translate in the entry itself, but often I forget. If so, leave a comment in my journal and I'll explain.