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menu changes.

Gefilte fish gook is in the fridge waiting to be cooked. Can't cook it until I wash a pan. Nasty cycle, eh?

Potatoes are off the menu as I forgot to buy them. Rice or cous cous will be substitued.

Grilled veggies are also off the menu, but baked summer squash is on the menu, so close enough.

The pineapple upside down cake is baked and looks pretty. Not sure how it'll taste, but I guess we'll find out, right? I'll heat it up right before shabbos so that it gets all gooey again. Hopefully it'll stay warmish.

I'm pretty sure I'll have plenty of time to roast the chicken and make stuffed mushrooms. If I have the energy tonight, I'll make the stuffing goop for the mushrooms tonight so that all I have to do is pop them in the oven tomorrow.

Craisin salad will be no problem.

All the elements of the chicken salad for Saturday are together. My mother might not be coming. Seth's mother and brother are coming for sure. Hopefully I'll have enough food. Particularly since Seth's brother won't eat the fish course. His loss.

I also need to make garlic tofu dip, but that only takes a few minutes. I just have to find all the components of my food processor.

So, right. Some slight changes, but I think it'll all work out.

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