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The Husband Who Rocks

My hubby came back from Aruba late Monday night.  I think I might have said hello to him, but I'm really not sure.  Monday I literally collapsed and fell asleep at 7:30pm.  Sheesh.  At 8pm Seth called to say that he was in the US (in Philadelphia).  At 10pm the handyman called to say that yes, he could come the next day to fix my sink.  At 11pm, Seth called to say he was in Baltimore.  I'm assuming sometime around midnight Seth came home.  Around 12:30 or so, I looked up, saw him reading on the bed couldn't even manage a "murfle" and rolled over.  Monday morning he was there.  Yay for Seth.  He brought home my favorite perfume from the duty free shop.  AND he brought home Kosher Kahlua.  Go Seth!  He rocks.    And he also brought me back a gecko.  How awesome is that?  Unfortunately, it was not a real gecko.  It was, however, a beautiful refrigerator magnet.  I love geckos.  They are so nifty.  Anyway, he is now home, and it's great to have him back doing things like fixing the outside light that wasn't working and so on.  ;)

The Job

I had actual work to do today!  I was not bored out of my mind!  I did not want to stab pencils in my eyes just for something to do!  Yay for productivity!  And I even did it well.  My boss said it was <i>exactly</i> what he was looking for (which is good because I wasn't really clear on what he was looking for when I embarked on the project).  Unfortunately, what should have taken me all day took me only half a day, so I was left with not ENOUGH to do.  But I spent some time refining my project.  Yay.  :)

The House

The house is coming along.  I am still enamoured with our living room furniture (though still haven't called the furniture place about the rip in the chair).  The cats are still being locked in the basement anytime we're not home because I can't trust them with the furniture.  Unpacking is happening slowly, but surely.  I unpacked a bunch of boxes while I was on the phone with leahmiriam last night, which was excellent.</lj cut>

The Ants that Just Won't DIE

We have ants.  We had ants when we moved in, so we called a pest control place.  They came, they sprayed, the ants died.  The ants came back.  We called the pest control place.  They came, they sprayed, the ants died.  The ants came back.  Again.  I tortured them with cinnamon last night (apparently ants don't like cinnamon, and they won't cross it because if they go back to their nest smelling like cinnamon, the other ants will kill them immediately.  I guess they think it's poison.  Apparently sage works too.  Anyway, I dumped about 4 tablespoons of cinnamon on my counter (that's a lot more than it sounds like) and watched the ants scurry away in fear for their lives.  HAH!  I felt very powerful.  Tee hee. Serves them right.

Hrm.  What else?  I guess that's it.  Goodbye.


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