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Last weekend (Feb 8-10)

I've been meaning to post about last weekend all week and now I have a few minutes, so I may as well do it now.
We spent a lovely Friday evening home together. No company, but a nice meal together and some quiet time. I think I fell asleep at 7:30. It was blissful.
We woke early-ish and went to shul. Jeanne and Hillel were on their cruise. Dalit and Josh slept in. Big Jake was sick so Jason and Lis weren't there. Little Jake was sick, so Sonia wasn't there, but Aaron was. Mark and Robin were spent shabbos in DC. So of the 12 of us regulars in our age group...there were three of us there.
The rabbi was out (he's in Uganda), the cantor was away (she's still on sabbatical), and the sanctuary was maybe half full (very unusual for Shabbat).
Pam gave a quick update on the rabbi...having left for Uganda Monday, by Thursday when Pam talked to him he'd already done 150 conversions. Whew.
After shul we had lunch with Jason and Lis. We had a great time and ended up lounging there until 4:30 at which point I realized we needed to walk back to the shul and drive home because I was planning to babysit for Lis and Jason that evening after shabbos, but I wanted to change first. Lis kept trying to convince me that we should just stay and that she had plenty of clothes, but I wanted comfy shoes, and also a book to read after Jacob went to bed. Not that Lis and Jason don't have plenty of books I can read, but I am in the middle of several and don't want to start another.
So we went home, changed, lounged for a few minutes (maybe longer, but it sure wasn't long!!) and after shabbat ended, off I went BACK to Lis and Jason's. Babysitting was uneventful, thankfully. Jacob was tired and went right to sleep. So I just read and worked on embroidery for a bit, but that was about all there was going on with that.
I can't for the life of me remember what I did Sunday. Oh yeah...now I do. Seth was working and I was attempting to clean up the living room in preparation for re-arranging it, but I accomplished basically nothing. It was one of those very unproductive days. I did discover a gash in the ceiling which now gets on my nerves all the time. And I dealt with some financial things. But other than that, basically unproductive.
Sunday Jason flew to Michigan on business and Jacob was sick and Lis sounded pretty darned overwhelmed. So Seth and I brought her dinner and after Seth left (we took separate cars for this reason...) Lis and I sat around talking about dresses and dress shopping. So I saw Lis, Jason, and Jacob more that week and weekend than I think I've seen them in the last six months combined!
But all in all, it was a lovely weekend and we had a great time. Hence, I felt like remembering it! (better late than never)

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