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Seth left for Aruba today. I hope he has a good time, even though he abandoned me in my time of need. ;) Seriously, though, his timing couldn't have been better. I'm finally starting to feel human today and even managed to drag myself to work this morning (though two hours later when the world was spinning, I realized I needed to go home... still, it was a start). Plus, by leaving for Aruba today, he missed all the storms we had this afternoon. That was some exciting thunder, let me tell you!

I was surprised to find out that his flight was only about 4 hours from Charlotte. It's a 4000 mile trip (give or take). Sheesh! California is 3000 miles and takes 5 or 6 hours. Though as Mrs. bodnej and sethcohen independently pointed out, flying to CA is against the jetstream. what kind of nerds think about such things? Oy. Apparently the flight to Aruba would be much shorter if they didn't have to circumvent that island 90 miles off the coast of Florida. Go figure.

I have big dreams of having a fully functional kitchen in place by the time Seth gets home late Monday night. Hah. Realistically, I'll be lucky if I've got three boxes unpacked. But hey, we've all gotta dream big, right?

I'm enjoying my job (though I wasn't enjoying the week I had to take off for this damn ear infection...you'd never think that something that small could cause that much pain...but it knocked me flat on my ass). I was intimidated by it at first, but I decided that a small amount of discomfort at first is fine. It's all part of the learning curve. At orientation, we were told by the Chief Learning Officer that we should give it 2 years to really know if we're cut out for Consulting. It sounds high, but I think it's fair given the vast amounts of information overload that we're given in our first few months. What's really expected of me in my first year in return for my completely reasonable (!) salary is getting to know and understand our clients, their needs, and our solutions as well as BearingPoint methodologies and practices. I think it'll take nearly that long just to learn my way around our intranet. Heh.

I miss Lauren. She should be back from Kansas City now. I think she was getting in this afternoon. I hope she got in okay. We'll see, I guess.

I should finally be getting my living room furniture this week after much tantrum-throwing on my part. Jerks. Hopefully it will arrive this week and I can wash my hands of them forever. *Sniff* I just want a comfy place to read in the air conditioned part of the house! Is that so much to ask? Hopefully not.

This doesn't seem so newsworthy, but I finally joined Netflix. I've only gotten my first three movie picks, but I already love Netflix! It's so nice to just be able to queue up the movies I want to see and have them come to my door. Then I don't have to remember in my head which movies I said, "Oh, that could be interesting, I should get that next time I'm here." I'll be able to watch tv series that are out on DVD without spending a bazillion dollars if I don't want to. I can keep my movies as long as I want!! Rock on. Again, I know it seems silly, but just the queue alone is reason enough for me to want to belong to Netflix. Yes, I could set up a queue myself on my computer, but that takes WORK! Netflix does it for me! I think I should call them and offer to do a commercial for them, since I'm clearly a poster-child for the satisfied customer. ;)

Anywho, I guess that's about it. Things have been busy, but they'll iron themselves out at some point. Someday...

Oh, and for those of you that keep asking, no, we have no idea when we're having a housewarming party. Probably sometime in August. We're not certain. It depends on when the living room furniture arrives and how much we get unpacked in the near future. We'll keep you posted.

Ahem. Okay, NOW I'm really done. Honest. No, seriously. I'm in full-shut-up mode. Shutting up now. No more typing. Really. This is the last sentence. Or next to last. Well, okay, so goodbye!

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