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Yeah, I keep thinking I'll update, but it's never gonna happen, so here's a few quick points:

  • I have a damn ear infection. I am seriously annoyed by this. It came from nowhere for no good reason and I'm sick to death of ear infections. It pisses me off that something so small can cause so much pain. Drat. Anyway, I scared Seth today by calling him and telling him my ear hurt so I made an appointment with the doctor. It's pretty rare that I go to the doctor immediately after noticing symptoms of anything, let alone an ear infection. I usually wait until I can barely stand upright. So he thought maybe I was dying. But I'm not. I just feel like I might rather enjoy death as an alternative to icky, ouchy, itchy, fluid-filled ears.
  • My new car is still spiffy. The gold color is growing on me.
  • Work is going well.
  • The cats are insane. We had to try to convince Pipsqueak tonight that kitty kats do not like mango sorbet.
  • All Canadian Krispy Kremes are Kosher. I'm jealous.
  • My ear freaking HURTS.
  • We are sorta settling into the house. We're beginning to collect our things from various and sundry basements scattered throughout Montgomery County.
  • We love Woodside. It rocks.
  • We ordered living room furniture and expect it to arrive sometime this week. We ordered another bed for the bedroom, and box springs/frames for the mattresses (courtesy of Jo and Cary) in our guest room. Those arrive tomorrow. Whoopie! We're almost grown ups!
  • Seth is away this shabbos and next. Oh what shall I do with myself? Oh yeah. I think I'll sleep in. :)
  • Technical support continues to suck. It was bad enough when I had to explain to the rep how a VPN works. But this time when I called to say that my email wouldn't synchronize but that it wasn't creating an error log (which it usually does), she actually accused me of not realizing that I could scroll down and see more folders. Duh. I looked in all the relevant folders. I'm not that stupid.
  • Didn't do anything special for July 4th. Just unpacked a bit, ran errands, and picked Ellen up from the airport after 2 weeks in Israel. Idiot me forgot entirely that it was July 4th and it never occurred to me that I wouldn't be able to go through DC to get to National Airport. Whoops. I tried about 8 different routes before I finally backed my way out of the city and went around. The plus side was that when we were leaving the airport the fireworks were starting, so Ellen and her son got a great show (with great seats!) for their return to America.
  • I picked up one of my half-finished cross-stitching projects. I'm remembering why I gave up on it. I can't see well enough to do it, and it hurts the heck out of my wrist. Ah well. I'm still going to give it a try. It's a really cute pattern.

    Frankly, that's all that I have the time, patience, and memory for right now.
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