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Welcome to Packing Purgatory

I'm in hell. Well, better known as the house that I'm moving out of in which I'm surrounded by boxes and crap that hasn't made it into boxes yet.

Movers are coming at 9am. It's 2:25am now. I'm not done. I don't think I'm gonna be done. Blechers. My goal is just to make sure that all the stuff is off the shelves (just a few random things) and the rest of the furniture (including the table, which means my computer has to be put away eventually). I've, given up on finishing the kitchen. Stupid kitchen. Never gonna happen. Fortunately, we've rented back the house through Thursday, so there's a little leeway to deal with dragging sundry shit (don't you love my alliteration tonight?) over to the new house.

The new house is officially ours. Well, technically, it's officially mine. Whoo hoo! We tried to install a ceiling fan or two Friday afternoon. (Who am I kidding? SETH tried to install a celing fan or two Friday afternoon). Unfortunately the wiring in the living room light fixture is obviously original to the house, falling apart, and run right through the attic floor (wood). So we couldn't put the fan in. And we really can't put the light fixture back up either, because, frankly, it's not safe and probably hasn't been for a long time. The wiring in the bedroom looked a little better, but by that point, it was getting too close to shabbos for Seth to deal with it, so it's not ready either. We bought a window air conditioning unit, but couldn't do anything with it because we need to buy some wood or else the unit has nothing to screw into. Stupid air conditioning unit. Stupid brick walls. Stupid hot house with no air conditioning. Thank G-d it's supposed to be cool-ish tomorrow. Otherwise I'd be really unhappy.

As a quick aside, I went to my high school reunion for all of half an hour tonight. I couldn't go for much because Shabbos ended so late. I got there around 10:30 and left a little after 11. Long enough to see a few people very, very briefly, but not so long that I had to continue feeling guilty about not being home and packing. I suppose I should feel guilty about not packing this second, but I've been packing for the last two hours and I needed a sanity check before diving into the next box. I've packed about 8 boxes (badly) since I got home. Bleh.

You never realize how much breakable stuff you have until you're faced with packing it well enough that the movers can't break it. Stupid movers.

Anyway, if you don't hear from me for a few days, don't be surprised. Cable hasn't been set up in the new house, which means no net connection. I can usurp a friend's net connnection when I need to, but not all the time, and mostly, I'll use that for work purposes. Yay for the Felds for offering up services.

Tomorrow night we're having dinner at the Feld's house, which is good since we have no stove and no food. Monday night we're having dinner at the Paul's. Which leaves us with needing to figure Tuesday out, but I'm sure we'll figure something out. ;)

That's all for now I guess. I really should get back to hell, I mean packing.

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