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So. Freaking. Tired.


I still haven't recovered from the exhausting weekend. I put my notice in at work today and my bosses were all very nice about it. They all wished me well and told me they were sorry to see me go but that they were happy that I was moving in a positive direction. That basically made the day fly by.

Then I got home with dreams of dealing more with the house. Hah! The phone didn't stop ringing and I'm so freaking tired that I just couldn't deal. I did the rest of the dishes, put a load of laundry in, cleaned most, but not all, of the kitchen, and vacuumed most of the upstairs. Then, because it was getting to be really ugly, I washed my sheitel and blew it dry. Now it's so pretty. Too bad it won't stay that way for long. I really need to style it more often, but it's a lot of work. I want to buy a fall so that I have something to wear when I don't want the full sheitel and when I need to style the sheitel but don't have time. I'd rather just buy another sheitel, but who has that kind of money?

I'm having a hard time prioritizing what else needs to be done. The clutter has just got to go and I'm not sure where to start. Seth's office is a definite place, but he's really got to be the one to deal with that (he's done a good job so far, but there's lots more to do). The bedroom is coming together which is good news. The closet looks awesome. Seth and his brother moved a lot of the stuff out of the upstairs today. We had a desk (in pieces) in a box cluttering the hallway for a long time, and now it's finally gone, as are several bags of trash, and a couple bags of clothing for goodwill.

Danny is coming tomorrow to fix the bathroom ceiling and then he'll also prime and paint it. That will be an incredible relief to have that finished. Seth plans to buy a few flowers to plan in the front to make it pretty. Good for him. I'm not so ambitious right now unfortunately. I just want to de-clutterfy. Yes, I know that's not a word. Deal.

What else? Everything else is fine. I'm just stressing about how to get this house in order before it goes on the market. I'm really looking forward to wrapping things up at my current job and moving on to bigger and better things. All good things ahead!

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