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I've been incredibly lazy about things in the house today. Bleh. After little sleep and then the bris this morning, lots of errands and a bit of livejournal catching up, I was in less than a good mood about tackling the house. But I have accomplished a few things:

  • I did the dairy dishes. There are a few meat dishes to do, but I'll do them soon enough.
  • I did two loads of laundry.
  • And I worked on the bedroom closet. Our bedroom closet is officially cleaned out. Unfortunately, there is now a bunch of crap on our bed that needs to find a better home, but it's a start.

  • I'm going to head to the Feld's (our soon-to-be-neighbors!!!) for a little barbecue, and then I'll come back and deal some more with the bedroom, and the closets. Maybe I'll even figure out something to do with some of the junk downstairs. We have to have this house ready to go on the market by the coming weekend!!

    Breathing in... breathing out.

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