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brief break from work

So yesterday I couldn't drag myself out of bed. Well, that's not true. I FINALLY dragged myself out of bed after several arguments with the alarm, showered, dressed, realized I could barely keep my eyes open, and crawled back into bed. Except for two phone calls to the house that woke me briefly, I didn't wake up until four o'clock. Yes, in the AFTERNOON. So I got about 18 hours of sleep. Frankly, if I hadn't had things to do, I would have slept all the way until this morning.
But I got up, ran some errands and went to my trope class. I did really well in class. Even Regina noted that I must have been practicing during the two weeks that I was away. Yay me. :)
Despite not having made it out of bed until 4pm, I was still awake just long enough to spend a little quality time with Seth after he got home and go to sleep around 10:30.
The best thing is that the alarm went off around 5 and it didn't take me that long to drag myself out of bed. Actually, I was awake at 2:30 and again at 4, so by the time the alarm went off, I was pretty much waiting for it to go off. Out of the house by 5:30! Yay me. So now today I'll be able to make up a few of the hours of work that I missed from yesterday before going for Dress Shopping Take 2. (I'll post about dress shopping on Sunday later)

And now...back to work.

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