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Right. So now that I've finished bouncing off the walls (yeah right!), here are some details:

We saw three houses on Sunday, all of which were good fits for us, one was way out of our price range, one was a bit small and a bit far from the shul, but the last was perfect. It's a good size. It's expandable. The kitchen is horrible, but livable and completely fixable. The hardwood floors were just re-finished. It's got an enclosed sunroom, useable all-year-round because there's heat in it. The house is on a nice lot with beautiful landscaping, and we love it.

We saw the house and said to our realtor, "we want this house, what do we need to do to get it?" She told us the only way to get it was to put our best offer on the table, which is what we did, with a small escalation clause. AND IT WORKED! Our contract puts closing at or before June 30. Wow. That's not far away.

We can have a succah!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!

So now we have to scramble to get our house in nice enough order to sell. Shouldn't be too big a problem, but there are a few little things to fix. The bathroom ceiling needs to be repaired. The exterior light needs to be repaired. A fair amount of cleaning needs to be done. But none of that is major. We'll stick a bunch of things in storage or in various people's houses temporarily and so on to make things look more spacious. All in all, it shouldn't be too hard. We just put hardwood flooring in the downstairs this year, so it looks much nicer than it did before and that increases the value of the house a fair bit. We might have to find something to do with the cats while we're showing it, but it won't be on the market long...an identical house to ours just sold after 7 days on the market. All good things.

Well, that's about all I've got for the moment. Lots of people have asked about pictures of the house. Don't really have any right now. We have one of the exterior of the house, but not in electronic format. Rest assured, we'll post pictures when we have them!

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