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I'm home sick today, hoping to rid myself of this stupid sinus infection that I've had since before Passover. My doctor (or, rather, the nurse practitioner) gave me a new antibiotic, so hopefully that will help.

I recently lost a bid on e-bay which enforced my hatred for e-bay. It's great in theory, it's just that I get very depressed if I lose an auction. I was bidding on an out-of-print board game. jeannegrrl rocks, though, and she has lent me her copy of the game, so all is not lost. Seth and I played it on Saturday, but he has determined that he doesn't like it as a two-player game (it's for 2-4 players). I believe he thinks this because I kicked his butt. ;-) I agree with him, though. The strategy is just too easy with two players because one player's weaknesses become obvious and easy to exploit with only 2 players. That's fine. We'll just have to find other people to play with, which shouldn't be too difficult It's still not as cool as having a ping-pong table in the basement (not that we have a basement), but it's fun!

My depression over my e-bay loss, however, has not stopped me from bidding again on a different item. This time I'm bidding on a first-edition of a book that I've been looking for in various places for quite some time. The book is out of print so not always easy to find. I'm the only bidder so far and there are only 9 hours left, so hopefully I'll get it for not much money! The book is in Australia, so I had to do some calculating to figure out how much to make my maximum bid, but it turns out I calculated fairly well (I wanted to stay between $20 and $25 US, so I bid $30 AU, which turns out to be approximately $22.50 US). Every time I see an item in Australia, I think of glenbarnett, which is a happy enough association to have, so yay! Australia is way up on my list of places I want to visit someday. I wonder if it will ever happen. Hrm.

I'm going to go and hide on the couch now. I'm exhausted.

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