Karen (estherchaya) wrote,

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  • I'm sniffly and snuffly and icky. Fortunately, I have the world's greatest husband to make up for the ickiness.
  • Point in fact, he drove 45 minutes each way to get me Kosher Krispy Kremes when Pesach ended Tuesday night. He rocks.
  • My dad's cat, Pokane (Poe-Kah-Nee) died yesterday. It's very sad and my dad is taking it very hard.
  • My idiot brother who loathes me with an unnatural passion is going to the Middle East on Thursday. Because he wants to. And I'm not supposed to care because me caring about him would just piss him off. Damn him.
  • Our friend Ellen's eldest daughter is officially engaged and we are going to her vort (engagement party) tonight. Yay. Except I've never been to a vort. Sigh.

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