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car maintenance

My car went into the shop Sunday night for maintenance. The "check engine soon" light had been coming on intermittently, it stalled a couple times at start up (if it had been left sitting for a day or two). It had a known transmission fluid leak that no one ever seemed to be able to get under control. It needed an oil change soon enough anyway. It needed a new right side brake light. And apparently a gazillion other things.


I'm not kidding.

Yes, folks, that's nearly $1500 US.

Holy crap.

I am getting a new car the second that Seth signs the check for his last car payment next year. I am absolutely never making any major repairs to this little Saturn again. I am buying a Honda Accord. It doesn't even have to be new. But it should be new-ish. Or a Camry. Maybe a Camry. Either way, they're both very reliable cars. And it's fun to dream about my nice new car that i don't have yet and won't have for another year.

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