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strange dream

I keep having this very strange dream. I'm in Florida (yeah, freaky I know, but it gets stranger) and I'm driving my Dad's car. Except it isn't my dad's car, but somehow in the dream I know that it is. Right. Anyway, I'm driving on the highway when suddenly I start going up this hill toward a tollbooth. And the hill keeps ascending until finally I'm perpendicular to the ground. But I still have to drive up the "hill". And then the tires give out and I can't hold onto the road anymore. I start to fall and, not surprisingly, I wake up.

There's nothing particularly scary about the dream, but it's weird. And I wake up with a fast pulse and kind of panicky, even though it's not especially scary.

But the weirdest part about the dream is that it keeps happening. I've had the dream every couple of days for about 3 weeks. That's a pretty long time considering I can't think of any context in my real life that could be triggering it. I'm beginning to wonder if it means something.

Oh wait, it probably does mean something. It probably means I need a shrink.

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