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house hunting

I think we're getting closer to full blown house-hunting mode. I looked at a house today about a mile from our shul (which is a mile and a half closer than we are now!), and it's really adorable, but needs TONS of yard work done, which doesn't entirely thrill me. I really like the house a lot and the price is right. Seth is looking at it tomorrow morning.

I got myself very excited about it after I left, thinking about all the little things I really love about it. But now I'm realizing that it's probably not the right house for us right now. The kitchen is tiny. Smaller than our current kitchen, and I didn't realize that was possible. And that's two strikes against it right off the bat. But then another friend pointed something else out that I hadn't thought of... it's listed as a tudor, but more like a cape cod, really, and it's nifty, but that means the upstairs has angled walls, almost down to the floor. That's fine and dandy for 5 foot nothing me, but my husband is 6'2". Probably not so fine for him.

I'm fine with it if this turns out not to be a good choice for us. I'm still very glad I looked at it, and I'm getting excited that we're actually in a position to be able to put an offer on a house if we find one that suits us in the eruv.

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