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So sethcohen went to home depot today to get all sorts of things to deal with our front "lawn". That's right. Our 90 square feet of "lawn" which is mostly tree root and moss. When he arrived, he unloaded all the soil (10 bags!) and soil conditioner and hay (yes, hay!) and I was bringing in all the non-lawn-related stuff and my arms were full and I kicked the door closed behind me just as the stupid cat was trying to run out. Only I didn't see him until it was too late.

And his tail got caught in the door. Poor Charlie.

He screamed and pushed his way back inside and ran as far away from the door as he could and cowered in the corner. Poor stupid cat. Meanwhile, I had dropped everything, burst into tears, and was screaming for Seth to come inside. By the time Seth got inside, I was hysterical, and it took several minutes for me to explain that I probably had broken Charlie's tail. Charlie, meanwhile ran upstairs to the bedroom.

While all this was happening the phone rang. It was Daniel from the shul calling to confirm our matzoh order for Pesach, but I was still crying and Seth was trying to deal with me and the cat so poor Daniel got snapped at (I called later and left a message apologizing and explaining).

We went upstairs to check on the cat and he was laying on the bed (not looking particularly unhappy, surprisingly enough) and Seth took a look at his tail. It definitely looked and felt broken, but he didn't scream when we touched it (though he did squirm a little, but he's a squirmy cat anyway). Plus, his tail was bleeding. So Seth called the emergency vet and they said to bring him in, of course. So Seth grabbed a quick bite to eat because he hadn't eaten since breakfast (it was about 12:30 by then...I STILL haven't managed to eat anything, but I'm going to rectify that as soon as I'm done with this post) and took the cat to the vet.

While Seth was gone, I dug up all the moss, put down the soil conditioner and as much soil as I could manage until my arms and back couldn't take it and came inside. Seth called in the meantime to let me know that Charlie's tail was not broken (thank G-d for small miracles), but that they were going to sedate him and stitch up the laceration on the tail. After a short break, I went outside to put down more soil and Seth came home while I was doing that. He brought the cat inside and Charlie managed to remove the bandage on his leg (probably from an IV) in about 4 seconds flat, and I came in to watch him stumbling around in circles. Sedated kitties are pretty funny.

Seth came outside, laid down the last bag of soil conditioner on a part of the "lawn" that I hadn't touched. I spread more soil out, and we spread grass seed, watered, and then put down hay over top of everything. Maybe this year we'll have some grass for our efforts.

There's another tiny piece of yard on the other side of our walkway that isn't finished. We dug up all the moss, but Seth is off to buy one more bag of soil conditioner and a couple more bags of topsoil so we can finish it up. Then he has to go to work to take care of some things and I'll be all alone. :(

Suffice it to say, I feel absolutely horrible about Charlie. And I feel even worse that I couldn't hold myself together in the face of an emergency type situation. I'm usually pretty good with emergencies. I can only hope that if anything ever happens (g-d forbid) to any children that we have (g-d willing) that I'll be able to hold myself together long enough to take care of what needs to be taken care of before losing it. I'd like to think that I only lost it today because I had the luxury of doing so since Seth was home.

Now Charlie has a bandaged tail and he looks pretty silly, but I hope he heals well. I'm very glad that cats have such short memories.

Also, I'd like to say that it's absolutely phenomenal that I did anything even remotely resembling yard work today because I hate (I repeat, HATE) gardening with a passion. But it did help me release some of my stress from hurting the kitty.

Now off to find some food. I'm starving.

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