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back from Philly

We are back from Philadelphia and it's good to be home (despite the tower of dishes that awaited us, which I've managed to get mostly under control). I'm so glad that we went. There had to have been about 500 people at this funeral, which is unbelievable to me. It speaks volumes about Jay and the way he lived his life. I can't imagine being so thought of when my time comes, may it be many years in the future.

More importantly, I'm glad that we stayed a few days. I think it was more meaningful that we were able to spend some time with Joy Friday than having been there on Thursday. And it meant a lot to us as well.

The bonus is that the grocery store (a normal grocery store!) near our hotel was apparently THE grocery store to go to for kosher food. If i'd realized, I wouldn't have bothered bringing so much food with us! It was unbelievable that they had such a selection. I managed to make a nice shabbos despite being on the road. I think I make a nice shabbos away from home. I brought a chicken, some pasta salad, cucumber salad, and a few sundry things. We bought green salad makings and psujedi and caryabend brough us challah (which I hadn't been able to grab before we left Maryland). Obviously, I also brought wine and candles and such. Jo and Cary stuck around long enough to make kiddush with us and to have a quick bite to eat (but just some nibbles since they were going to Cary's parents' for dinner), which was nice. It was just like being home, only different. ;) Saturday we shifted all of our belongings into Jo and Cary's room (which was right next to ours) and hung out there for the day while they were doing various family things so that we wouldn't have to pay for an extra day in the hotel. After shabbos, we packed up the car, made another quick stop at the grocery store, and headed back to the shiva house to say a quick goodbye to Joy. Then we stopped by Cary's parents' house to say a quick hello and we were on our way home. We got home around 11:30 and Seth fell right into bed and I stayed up for a bit (okay, a long bit) and read and started some chicken salad (but then realized I had no mayonaisse). I slept in until about 9:30 and I'm still in my pajamas, which is fantabulous. I'm babysitting for jeannegrrl and Hillel tonight and I expect that I'll probably stay in my pajamas until I leave for their place. ;)

I was supposed to go to Brookly with leahmiriam today, but she is feeling icky, so we didn't go, which is probably a good thing, since I was up until 3am, and the weekend has already been pretty draining for me. Gives me a day to relax and do dishes before walking back into the minefield that is my office tomorrow (I'm not being fair...work is actually going quite well right now and I'm involved in some exciting projects, so I really have nothing to complain about...I'm even up for a promotion). Plus, it meant I was available to babysit for Jeanne and Hillel, so it's good for them too. ;) Lauren and I will re-schedule our trip. Last I checked, Brooklyn is still likely to be there after Pesach, so it'll keep.

Seth and I are starting Southbeach, like it or not. We were supposed to start last Monday, but between being inundated with food leftover from Purim (a Jewish Holiday we celebrated last Sunday) and news of the upcoming funeral, it got put off. But we can't continue to find reasons to put it off. We just have to do it. So here we go! Wheeee!

For the trip, I bought a car adapter that I could plug my computer into and I watched DVDs on the way up and back. it's a great way to have a road-trip, I've decided. Philly isn't that far, but it was still nice to have it. Many thanks to bodnej for the loan of his noise-cancelling headphones and The Emperor's New Groove DVD (well, the DVD belongs to Mrs. Bodnej).

I hope all is well with everyone else. Everyone should think happy thoughts for caryabend tomorrow as he has an interview! Yay for Cary!

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