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I've had no time to update recently, which is a shame because lots has been going on.  For example:

  • 3 Fridays ago, Seth and I stayed in College Park for Shabbos.  beaniekins was also there, and it was nice to get to see her.  I helped Nechama cook Thursday night which is how we ended up with the invite.  We're always welcome to stay there, but I hate inviting myself.  So when I was there helping to bake challah and make fish, Nechama asked me what I was doing for shabbos and I said I didn't know yet (yeah, it was Thursday night...yeah, I should have had a clue by that point), and she said I should come to College Park, so that's what we did.  We had a great time as always.  They had a "small" shabbos with only about 100 students coming Friday night.  Sheesh!  It's amazing to see the proportions that she cooks in!  As always dinner was wonderful (as was lunch Shabbos day).  Seth seemed to have a good time also, which is excellent.
  • The following week (Feb 27?) Seth and I were both just plain exhausted, so we stayed home on Shabbos.  That was nice.  I wasn't feeling very well, so I'd expected it to just be the two of us falling asleep over our plates, but we had my coworker, Diane, her daughter (Kayleigh) and psujedi and caryabend over also.  So a good time was had by all.  We had WAY too much food (I was terrified we wouldn't have enough, and I guess I over-compensated.  Whoops!).  But that's not a problem.  We had good food, good conversation, and a bunch of fun games after dinner.  Saturday was a lazy shabbos.  We slept in and didn't go to shul and that was about it.
  • February 29th was our synagogue's 40th anniversary banquet, which I've been immersed in for the last 6 months.  TGIO (Thank Goodness It's Over!).  We had a good time and I'm glad we went.  I received lots of kudos for my work on the banquet journal, so that made it all worth it.  I'm happy that I did it, and I'm even willing to do it again next year so long as I don't have to attend a single meeting.  ;-)  I was panicking, though, because I really didn't have anything to wear.  Everything I owned was either too fancy or not nearly fancy enough.  So I IMd my mother (we are, sadly, about the same size-ish) and asked if she had anything appropriate.  She did, but the problem was that I had to leave in 20 minutes to go help set up for the banquet.  So I went to the banquet hall, my mother dropped off a lovely green embroidered suit-thing, I finished setting up the things that I could, drove back to the house, changed, drove back to the banquet hall, finished setting up, sat down for a minute and a half, and then everything was starting.  Worked out perfectly.  Thanks mom.  ;)
  • Last week we stayed home for shabbos (this time was planned) and had batgirl1536, psujedi, and caryabend over for dinner.  I hadn't met batgirl1536 before, so it was nice to meet her.  She came over early to help get things together and so that we could spend some time chatting before all the hubaloo that is my pre-shabbos panic-attack.  She's very sweet, and positively adorable and we loved having her.  Batya, you are welcome at our shabbos table any time you please.
  • Seth looked at a house that we're interested in today.  It was mostly perfect.  It's even reasonably priced.  But to put a serious offer on it right now, we'd have to have a 10% cash deposit sitting around.  Hah.  That's $35,000.  We don't have it.  Sigh.  It was otherwise pretty much what we want/need except that it doesn't have a basement.  Le Sigh.  But, in a year or two, things may have calmed down.
  • Work is going well.  I'm up for a possible promotion.  That would make me very happy.  Especially if the promotion came along with $$$.
  • That is all for now.

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