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computer karma

My bad computer karma continues to follow me around. I am less than a happy camper.

Seth picked up the new computer which replaces the not-so-old computer that Apple did evil things to. This computer was supposed to be built to the exact specs of the old computer, which is (theoretically) why it took SIX F-ING WEEKS to come in. It is not built to the same specs. In some ways, it is cooler. For example, the previous computer was a G3. This computer is a G4. Yippee, right? Right, except that the old computer had an AirPort Card. This computer does NOT. I'd rather have a G3 with an AirPort Card than a G4 without.

I am Pissed with a capital P.

I love Macs. I really do. And I was so thrilled to finally have one. But I am never buying another. My next computer will be a windows machine.

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