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  • I went to dinner with leahmiriam yesterday evening.  We had a great time, despite a nasty glare from a nearby customer.  Whatever it was that bugged her, it serves her right for eavesdropping.  Anyway, it's frightening how similar leahmiriam and I are.  We even lived in the same apartment complex in Richmond (albeit several years apart).  Nifty, huh?  Well, maybe you had to be there.
  • I also picked up my new glasses last night.  Yay for me.  I'm a little disappointed that  hadn't had the guts to get the funky frames in real glasses.  But I think it might have just been too much.  I described them to psu_jedi and she had a good way of expressing why I couldn't get them.  She said it's like you love the glasses, but you'd have to change your whole wardrobe and your whole image just to wear them.  And maybe that's why I like them.  Maybe I want that complete makeover.  Maybe I want to BE the kind of girl that wears those glasses proudly.  But, alas, I'm not.  So I went with an old standby.  Gold wire frames.  Rectangular.  Very cute.  Not a dramatic difference from my old pair.  Shock of shocks.  No one has noticed yet that they are new.
  • I have a huge zit on my face.  HUGE.  Like small country huge.  Ickaroonies.
  • I still can't get over the fact that it took me 25 years of watching Marvin the Martian and 3 years of having him on my desk staring at me for me to notice that his eyes are crossed.  Silly Karen.
  • I'm having a good sheitel day.  This is a good thing because I've been having some serious sheitel issues lately.  First, there was the night that the thing came flying off when I slipped on the ice (last Saturday).  Yesterday, my hair kept peaking through.  I keep my hair in a ponytail tucked under the sheitel, but a lot of my hair came loose from the ponytail and was sticking out .  Fortunately, my hair and the sheitel hair are almost identical in color.  It wasn't until I realized that one bit of hair was a little longer than the rest, and on top of that it was curly-ish, that I noticed it was MY hair peaking out.  Whoops.  So I think my hair is getting too long to deal with this.  Either I need to buy a barrett and clip my hair up underneath so that it lays flat and doesn't jostle around and out of the ponytail holder, OR I need to cut it.  I was hoping not to cut it until I've got another 12 inches worth to cut, but you know, I may not be able to last that long. 
  • My hands feel really dry today.  That's very unusual.  That's especially unusual because I gave in and used the Mary Kay Satin Hands Lotion stuff that I've got and normally, if I'm having a dry day... voila, all of a sudden my hands feel fabulous.  But you'd think I'd rubbed chalk all over my hands to suck up the moisture.  There's nothing. Desert land.  Freaky.
  • So far I've been very good with these new glasses.  When they got dirty, I didn't use my sweater to clean them.  I used the lens cloth I bought last night.  This will last approximately one month.  If I'm lucky, it will last 6 weeks.  The stupid lens cloth cost $6, so at least then I'll have only paid $1 per week.
  • Today was the second day this week that my boss complimented me on my appearance.  He also happens to be a friend of mine, so don't worry about any of that stuff you're all about to say.  He always notices when I'm wearing pearls.  Of course, I've never worn pearls (except my wedding day and they were borrowed) because I don't own any.  But I have a strand of very fake pearls that I wear occasionally, and he always notices them.  It's kind of cute.  Alas, he didn't notice my new, cute glasses.  But that's all right.  He told me I looked good.  That's all that matters.  Oh, that and he hasn't fired me.
  • About a year ago, maybe more, I suddenly stopped noticing my eyebrows.  Then one day, they disappeared and were replaced by a huge fuzzy caterpillar.  It's about time to do something about this.  So I called the salon next door to my office where a coworker of mine goes to get hers taken care of.  The woman is BOOKED until Tuesday!  Can you believe that!?  Tuesday!  So Tuesday it is.  She probably charges a bazillion dollars too.  I hope not.  Probably not.
  • I like green.  A lot.

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