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Lessons Learned

I don't like learning lessons because it most likely means that something went wrong and I now know a new piece of information because of it. Today I learned (re-learned, actually...because I am too dumb to get it right the first 30908313 times) two lessons:

1. Comcast is staffed by a bunch of toothless, stupid, rude, mean, morons. Okay, some of them are quite nice and I'll bet they all have teeth and they aren't stupid. But they are morons. Anyway, I won't elaborate because the bottom line is that the cable modem is up and running again and that's just fine. (Thanks Hillel...you are the greatest friend in the universe...don't know what I'd do without you, and I'm so sorry that your dinner was delayed because of me!!! I suck!)

2. Yes, this is a hard lesson for me, indeed. But I think I've finally realized that if I don't consistently take the medicine that helps prevent the migraines, I'm likely to get a migraine. Saturday I had the worst migraine I've had in months. Today I've got a worse one. What do we have in common? Friday night I didn't take my medicine. Last night, in an effort to be able to wake up on time this morning, I did not take my medicine (it makes me REALLY SLEEPY, which is why I'm bad about taking it). But both days I wound up with a killer headache the next day when in fact I've been close to migraine-free for most of the month that I've been trying this drug out. So which is worse: being tired all the time or having migraines? I can tell you for sure, it's having migraines...that's far worse.

So, off I am to go take my medicine and to lay down before my head splits into pieces.

Here's hoping I really have learned my lesson for sure now.

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