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Posessed Cat

Ever since Seth brought Pipsqueak back from the vet yesterday, Charlie has been hissing and growling and attacking. I'm not appreciating this behaviour. He's been hissing at Pipsqueak for days, but not like this!

First of all, anyone who says cats aren't aware of their surroundings is fooling themselves. The *second* Pipsqueak saw the cat carrier, she bolted. Fortunately, she had no traction on the hardwood floor, so I was able to catch her. But getting her into the cat carrier was still no treat.

So when she came home, we let her out, gave her some treats and watched her scurry upstairs to hide from the big, mean, human-monsters. And scurry she did. She went and hid under the bed. Eventually, Seth and I wandered upstairs to put the drycleaning together to take in (we haven't been in weeks! Ack!). Charlie was laying on top of the pile (the drycleaning pile is basically just a big lump on the floor of the closet). As soon as he saw us, he let out a scary growl and started hissing. Every time we took a piece of clothing out of the pile, we risked attack from him and he wasn't holding back. Eventually, we got all the cleaning out and it was fine, but I've never seen him like this.

Later he was fine, but he suddenly turned back into a hissing monster, and he won't go NEAR Pipsqueak. If he accidentally saunters past her, much hissing ensues. If he were foaming at the mouth, I'd be really worried. But I wouldn't be surprised, because the rest of his behaviour is so wacky. Sigh. I wish I knew what was going on in that little brain of his.

Stupid cat.

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