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I love snow. It's the one reason I regret not living in the North anymore. Well, okay, there are lots of reasons I miss the North. But snow is high on the list. We've gotten about 4 1/2 inches of snow and it seems like that's probably going to be about it. The snow has turned to freezing rain, so it's going to be nasty tomorrow. Plain snow I can deal with. Ice is less fun. The beautiful thing about ice, though is that it probably means I'll be justified if I want to work from home tomorrow. Justified or not, I'm probably not going to trek into the office. I can drive in snow without too much of a problem, but all the other idiots in Maryland who think they can drive in snow scare me.

Anyway, I love the sound of snow. Or rather, lack thereof. I love how snow mutes everything. Even traffic sounds far away, even though it's as close as usual. I love sitting on the couch watching the snow fall, curled up with a book and a mug of hot chocolate. Oh how I hope and pray that we have hot chocolate in the house so that I can have some tomorrow! An ex-boyfriend of mine used to claim that winter was best with palm trees and pina coladas. Obviously, he was from Miami. Try as I might, I never could grok that idea. Winter, as far as I'm concerned, is all about turtlenecks, fireplaces, good books, and hot cocoa. Clearly, he and I were doomed. :-D

And so, I sit here yearning for a fireplace, but content with my couch, laptop, and dreams of hot cocoa to come. I'm going to go curl up with a book for a few minutes (after I make one more quick journal entry) and then climb into bed. Yay for winter!

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