Karen (estherchaya) wrote,

States--- stolen from chite

Bolded places I've been, Italicized if I was too young to remember being there but know I was.Underlined if I was in the airport but never got to go see the state. Plus, I have added Washington, DC in honor of the DC non-binding primary.

1) Alabama, 2) Alaska , 3) Arizona, 4) Arkansas, 5) California, 6) Colorado, 7) Connecticut, 8) Delaware, 9) Florida, 10) Georgia, 11) Hawaii, 12) Idaho, 13) Illinois, 14) Indiana, 15) Iowa, 16) Kansas, 17) Kentucky, 18) Louisiana, 19) Maine, 20) Maryland, 21) Massachusetts, 22) Michigan, 23) Minnesota, 24) Mississippi, 25) Missouri, 26) Montana, 27) Nebraska, ,28) Nevada, 29) New Hampshire, 30) New Jersey, 31) New Mexico , 32) New York, 33) North Carolina, 34) North Dakota, 35) Ohio, 36) Oklahoma, 37) Oregon, 38) Pennsylvania, 39) Rhode Island, 40) South Carolina, 41) South Dakota, 42) Tennessee, 43) Texas, 44) Utah, 45) Vermont, 46) Virginia, 47) Washington, 48) West Virginia, 49) Wisconsin, 50) Wyoming, 51) Washington DC

Interestingly enough, when I was 10, I'd only been to Massachusettes, Connecticut, New York, and Maryland (maybe New Jersey to see my great grandmother, but I don't remember), but I'd been to Scotland, England, Germay, Spain, Portugal, and Greece.  More countries than states.

I'm getting there.  I don't think I'll ever be able to say I've visited every state, but at least I hope to see Alaska and Hawaii.  Oh, and Washington State. 


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