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the computer saga revisited

Most of you probably remember that I bought a new computer December 4th. Most of you probably also remember that 14 days later I had to take it to the apple store to be repaired because something likely shorted out. The Apple Store sent it to be repaired. I hoped against hope that it would be back before I headed down to Florida, but that didn't happen. Nope. I got it back yesterday.

And, well, you'd think this would be the time for rejoicing, no? I rejoiced. When our receptionist told me that a package had arrived for me via Airborne Express, I was floating on air and I went upstairs to pick it up. Life was so grand for about 15 minutes. Then I opened the box and took out the computer. The first thing I noticed was a lot of brown smudges all over it and also some adhesive stuck to it. Not a good sign. Then I noticed that the battery was not only not seated correctly, but it wasn't locked in (there's a turn-key you use to lock it in place), nor could I turn the lock to the fully locked position. Then I noticed that the keyboard was seated incorrectly. So I pulled the keyboard off (you're supposed to be able to do this on an iBook), only to find that the reason it wasn't seated correctly was more shocking than anything else so far... there was a loose screw stuck under the keyboard. I also noticed a lot of scratches on the case and LCD that I know weren't there before. Also hairs all over the keyboard (definitely not my hairs) The nightmare got worse, the case was cracked in the front just below the button you push to pop the thing open. Yes, it was a small crack, but there was NO crack there before.

As if this weren't enough, when I was showing it to my mother, she noticed that there was a significant dent in the metal plate beneath my keyboard. (fortunately, the airport card appeared to be undamaged) My co-worker noticed that the case had been screwed back together unevenly. And a very strange thing also...the feet on the bottom of the computer...well, they used to all be grey, and now 2 of them are more of a tannish colour. I know that's a stupid thing to notice, but seriously, I'm anal enough that I know I'd have noticed that before.

Really, honestly, I was beginning to wonder if it was even my computer. But the serial numbers matched up (perhaps it was the wrong case, but the right computer?), and it was definitely my hard drive. Or at least it had my data on it. It was absolutely the weirdest thing ever.

Apple is very well known for their superior customer service. And really, I'm very pleased with everyone I've talked with. But this? This was beyond egregious. I was livid. Outraged. Horrified. And a little depressed. So, I got on the phone with Apple Customer Care and stayed on hold. For almost an HOUR. Eventually I spoke with Anthony. Such a nice man. An understanding man. A shocked man. And also a man with absolutely no power to do anything about it. But still, he researched it, provided me with a fair bit of information, consulted with a superior, did all the things he should do. Yay for Anthony. Like I said, Anthony's a good man. Eventually what he suggested was that I put it back in the box it was shipped to me in and take it to the retail store and speak with a manager.

So that's what I did. But I didn't want to go alone because sometimes I'm not assertive enough about this sort of thing. I assume that they'll offer me the best deal they've got and I don't demand anything more. But I was absolutely determined that this was going to be fixed. So I took the big, scary-looking man (by virtue of his sheer size), my darling teddy-bear of a husband. In I marched and asked politely for a supervisor. I described to the supervisor all of the horrifying details of this poor little computer. So he took it over to the genius bar, pulled it out, didn't even look at it and started to get it written up to send in for repair.

Um. No.

I did not want this computer repaired. Well, hell, they can repair it, but I don't want it. It's a brand new computer and now looks like it's three years old. Well, okay, the case on three year old iBooks looks a little different, but you know what I mean.

So I threw a small fit. It really was small. Honest. But I explained that I was not going home with this computer and that I did not intend to relinquish a machine for another two weeks for repair. The manager looked slightly shocked, but took care of it. He had a new computer ordered. Apple is building it with the same specs this computer has. In the meantime, I have the use of my old computer (which is perfectly functional, despite the fact that it looks like hell now). The new computer should be in within 2 weeks. I'm not holding my breath, but that's just fine. So yeah. New computer. Already.

Oh, and those brown smudges? I wiped them off with a tissue. They looked suspiciously like chocolate... Seth smelled the tissue and confirmed... it was chocolate. Absolutely unbelievable.

Oh well, at least a replacement is on it's way.

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