Karen (estherchaya) wrote,


  • Two of my friends had babies yesterday.  Within 3 hours of each other.  Lis had a baby girl, Adina Miriam, at 3:51pm and Laura had a baby boy, Jack Simon, at 6:16pm.  Both mommies are doing well and the babies are healthy and beauteous.  Yay.  I love babies.
  • I've been getting a lot of work done lately, which is fabulous.  I've been very happy with my productivity.  Until today.  Today has been a wash.  But that's okay.  I did three days worth of work yesterday.  Or so I'd like to tell myself.
  • I have an ear infection.  It's icky.  I'm going to the doctor tomorrow.  Will wonders never cease?
  • I'm tired.  Very tired.  I started today off on a very upbeat foot, but now I'm out of energy.

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