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Not enough time for a real update...so here's some quickies

  • Saw ROTK last night. With the exception of the huge, honkin', hairy spider which is sure to give me nightmares for weeks on end, it was fantastic. My butt hurt after a couple hours. By the time we left the theatre, it didn't hurt anymore...it was numb.

  • If hearing about the huge, honkin', hairy spider constitutes a spoiler for you...too bad, go read the book.

  • I'm inundated with work. I guess this makes up for all those times that I was bored, huh?

  • I'm taking my computer to the genius bar at the apple store after work. I really hope they don't take Percy from me. They probably will. Bastards. Oh well.

  • I heard back from my rabbi last night. I do have to add a candle to my shabbos candles. I'm glad I heard back from him before shabbos. I think this is probably an opportune time to start using oil, then. It will be Chanukah. I will be adding a candle. And I have wicks now. Definitely time to make the leap. And a leap it will be!

  • I'm not kidding about having nightmares for weeks about the huge, honkin', hairy spider. After HP:Chamber of Secrets, I had nightmares. And that's taking into account that I closed my eyes for most of it

  • Okay, admittedly, I covered my eyes for much of the spidery bits of ROTK (and squealed a lot, which probably pissed off Dan who was sitting in front of me...oh well!), but I could still see the huge, honkin', hairy spider through the slits in my fingers.

  • I had a crown put on a tooth on Tuesday. It hurts. Is it supposed to hurt? I hate my teeth.

  • someone has Chinese food in the office for lunch today. I'm jealous. It smells so yummy. I forgot to bring lunch today. Sigh.

  • I would like to have the opportunity to clean the dining room tonight. I think that probably won't happen.

  • I'm actively seeking suggestions for something tasty but not too time consuming to make for shabbos dinner tomorrow. Right now, I'm thinking meatballs are the winner. The thing to bear in mind is that I'm cooking things at my house, but eating them not at my house, which means portability would be a nice thing.

  • Did I mention the huge, honkin', hairy spider?

  • Oh, yeah, I came into work this morning, slightly later than I'd hoped, and I was pulling into the garage when I was beseiged by horrible, stabbing, awful, yucky pain. If it hadn't been on my left side, I'd have thought it was a kidney stone. Yes, I know, technically I have kidneys on both sides, but I've had nine kidney stones and only one of them has been on the left side, so odds are slim.

  • The Classical Music Station I listen to has a picture of a different city in the world all lit up for Xmas on it's website every day. Yesterday was London, the day before Paris and the Eiffel Tower, and so on. Today, they announced, it is Madrid. So the announcer said "so we are sending this next selection out to our listeners in Madrid with a hearty Feliz Navidad!" or some such thing. I'm paraphrasing. Now, that's all fine and good. But he played a selection performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Last I checked, Spain was a pretty densely Catholic country. And last time I checked, Catholics and Mormons didn't get along very well. So, I think this is funny. I guess you had to be there. It doesn't seem so funny now that I'm writing about it.

  • Ahem.

  • anyway, I really do need to be working.

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