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I've been sick the last couple of days. First I was just run down. Tired. I figured I wasn't sleeping enough (then again...when DO I sleep enough?). Then I got a sore throat. Then I got sniffly. But I'm always sniffly thanks to the cats, so what else is new?

Tuesday I couldn't stay all day at work. I left at 1:30. Wednesday, I could barely get out of bed, so I emailed my boss and said I was going to sleep a couple hours and come in late. I woke up at 2pm. I fell back to sleep around 3 or 4.

20 hours of sleep or so later, I'm here at work again. And miserable. Everyone here is sick. I can't breathe. My head hurts. My stomach is upset. It hurts to swallow. And I'm tired. Can you believe that? I'm TIRED.

I just want to curl up and sleep. Forever. well, slightly less than forever.

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