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I bought an iBook! Well, I ordered it, anyway. It should arrive in a couple of days.

While I really hate spending this money right now, my poor little computer is on its last legs and I needed to replace it before it completely died. I've been debating getting a new computer for about 6 months (well, I've wanted a new computer for 2 years, but I've been seriously considering it and looking at options for a few months). A couple days ago I asked Seth if he thought me getting a new computer was a possibility and he said "figure out what you want and just do it" Yay for him! And yay for me. So then I just had to finish agonizing over whether I wanted another Windows machine or a Mac.

Everyone I've told so far, with one exception, has said, "I didn't know you were a mac person." Well, yes. I've had macs. And I've had windows machines. I play on both sides of the fence. Is that so wrong? Maybe I just don't like commitment.

Anyway, Jon came over and let me play with OS X and, well, it rocks. So the iBook won. Anyway, it'll be something fun and new to play with. Here's hoping the novelty doesn't wear off quickly! :)

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