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I admit, I don't respond well to change.
I'm old-fashioned.
I could even be considered a stick-in-the-mud.

But I really am unhinged by something that seems so small. They (who's they? The US Mint, I suppose) are taking Monticello off of the flip side of the nickel and replacing it with Lewis and Clark.


I love Monticello. I'm not saying Lewis & Clark aren't cool. But haven't they made ENOUGH changes to money recently???

(speaking of which, I have one of the new 20s that I have to log on the US Mint site)

Oh, and I still have a cold, and I'm still unthrilled by this.

Update: I'm actually slightly incorrect. Monticello is being replaced by an artistic depiction of the Louisiana Purchase (it's two hands shaking each other, whooppee) in the Spring of 2004, and of Lewis & Clark's expedition (this is a picture of a very big boat designed by Captain Lewis) in the fall of 2004. I'm still irritated. In fact, perhaps moreso. Why can't they just pick one!?

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