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So, my previous entry was my 200th entry. I wonder if I should throw a party. I'm thinking probably not. I really don't update very often. I sit around a lot and think about entries I'd LIKE to write...I often contemplate exact verbiage. But somehow, it just rarely happens. Sigh. So basically, I'm a big ball of lazy.

Anyway, weekends. Lots of stuff has been happening on the weekends.

The weekend of Oct. 24th/25th, we were going to stay with our friend Ellen near Woodside. Unfortunately, Seth was ill, so he stayed home. He thinks it was a reaction to a flu shot. So I stayed at Ellen's without him. We had a somewhat frightening dinner. Why a frightening dinner? Because Ellen's 14 year old daughter had two 14 year old friends over. I seriously do NOT remember being that squealy when I was 14. I've never heard 3 people make so much noise. Wowee. Saturday after shul, I went to Harold and Becky's for lunch, which was excellent. It was nice to spend some time with them. Then I went back to Ellen's and took a nap. Well, I meant to take a nap. Because I'd intended to go to the women's shiur that afternoon. But instead, it appears, I settled in for a long winter's snooze. I didn't wake up until Shabbos was over. Whooops.
After Shabbos that week, Seth and I went with Ian and Alida to Chanoch and Rachel's house so that I could get the low-down on what I need to do for this committee I somehow accidentally agreed to chair at the synagogue. A good time was had by all, as well as a lot of pizza.

The following weekend (Oct. 31-Nov.1) Seth and I both stayed with Ellen, which was nice. Ellen had no kids with her that weekend, so it was quiet and peaceful. I don't remember much, other than taking another one of those seriously long naps that I never intend to take which is why I don't like taking naps. And Seth got to play with a hedgehog. And I still want one. But I think I'm not getting one.
I think we might have done something after shabbos that week, but I can't really remember. That's the problem with not updating more often.

But most importantly, there was this past weekend. Fortunately, I remember a fair bit about this past weekend since it hasn't had time to leave my memory yet.

Friday night we had jeannegrrl, Hillel, Jacob, and Squirt over. Okay, well, Squirt was part of a package deal since s/he hasn't been born yet. But that's beside the point. Anyway, we had a lovely shabbos dinner with them. I made garlic tofu dip (yum), challah (almost yum, I'm still perfecting that one), salad (well, that didn't so much involve cooking, but whatever), mashed potatoes with caramelized onions (major yum), green beans, and chicken. We topped that off with an apricot tart from Shalom's.

I didn't sleep much Friday because of what I then thought was allergies, but has since turned out to be a cold. Since I didn't really sleep, I didn't go to shul. I slept instead. I definitely appreciated sleeping. :) Yay me. When I woke up, I davened, then slept some more. Yay me. Eventually I woke up and I spent the rest of the day reading. Seth got home around four-ish. Shabbos ended not that long thereafter (I love winter!) and spooky_lu and gwiii came over for dinner and fun. I was feeling particularly lazy, so I made hamburgers. We also had leftover potatoes, tater tots, leftover garlic dip, salad, and some other random stuff. Cookies and coffee for dessert. After dinner we watched "Finding Nemo" which they brought over. It was fabulous. I'm very sorry now that I didn't see it on the big screen. I kept intending to, but it just never happened. Now that Shabbos ends so early, maybe we'll get to see more movies. Here's hoping.

Oh, as an aside, we recently saw "Catch me if you Can"... another that I'd wanted to see while it was in theatres but I never managed to see. It was fantabulously excellent.

So Jim and Karynya left around 11, I guess. Seth and I were both exhausted and I fell straight into bed. But, again, I didn't sleep too well. Those "allergies" were really keeping me awake. Sigh. So I got up around 5 and hung out downstairs for a while. I fell back asleep around the time Seth got up (6:30) and didn't wake up until 9. By then he was gone (off to a Continuing Education Breakfast) and I had much to do. Dishes needed to be done, laundry needed to be done (to be fair, Seth does 95% of the laundry, but I did want to get some done while he was gone), a fair bit of cleaning needed to be done after two days of guests, and cooking! Oh yes! Cooking. Because we were having still MORE guests Monday. Harold and Becky came over sans child for dinner Sunday night. I made sweet and sour meatballs (there were only two left when all was said and done, so I'm guessing people liked them), salad (of course...how often do I leave a meal salad-less?), rice, green beans, and an apple crisp for dessert. The apple crisp was still warm because I took it out of the oven only a few minutes before we sat down for dinner. Yay me. What timing! :)

After dinner, we played BRIDGE! Oh yay. Wonderful Bridge! :) Oh, how I've missed you, you marvelous card game, you. Ah, the joy! The Bliss! The agony of explaining how to play to Becky! Oh, whoops... I mean: what a great pleasure it is to introduce yet another previously deprived soul to the wondrous nature of BRIDGE! :) Yay me. We couldn't play for long because 1. it was a school night and 2. Harold and Becky had to get home since there was a babysitter there.

At any rate, a good time was had by all. I hope you weren't too bored reading this. Anyway, I warned you.

It's just occurred to me that I've never written about our anniversary. Whoops. Well, anyway, it was last week. And in case I never get around to posting about it, it was a good day. We had great fun. Yay us.

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