Karen (estherchaya) wrote,


Acronyms. That�s what this business is all about. I thought the government had too many acronyms. Acronyms within acronyms within acronyms. You think I�m kidding? Am I exaggerating? Boy do I wish I were. But now I�m writing this security manual and I�m learning that there�s an acronym for everything under the sun. I�m inundated with them. PKI, IDS, SSL, SSSP, PPP, PGP, RA, SG, RSA, SHA-1, WAN, LAN, WLAN, IPSEC, DES, DSL, GHz, FTP, VPN, NAT, PROM, CISSP, CCNP, COTS, TEMPEST, PCI, SSID, WEP, IETF, MOU/A, MAC, DAC, ISA�the list is endless. Sure I know what these are, but how many of them could there possibly be? There�s MORE. They keep coming. People get paid to sit and think up catchy acronyms. And some of them aren�t catchy, but still I�m supposed to be able to decipher it�somehow. It�s like a secret language, a secret society. When is someone going to teach me the secret handshake????

This rant brought to you by HRF, PCMCIA, UTP and the number 161.215.347.21.4.

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