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  • According to drmellow, my Rosh Hashana post was 1390 words. I didn't check his math. That's only about 300 words shy of what I'd need to write every day in order to get to my 50,000 word goal in November.

  • Of course, that was crappy writing without having to think about characters and plot, but at least the goal of NaNoWriMo is quantity not quality.

  • I'm pretty amused by the idea of writing quantity not quality. Sounds like my senior thesis in college.

  • I'm pretty sure I never wrote an entry about this (maybe I will eventually), but I've been taking Glucophage for insulin resistance for about a month now. It has lots of icky side effects, but it has one especially annoying one. I have a metallic taste in my mouth most of the time. Everything drink tastes like pennies. Yuck.

  • Charlie (one of our cats) had a sneezing fit this morning before I left the house.

  • He looked pretty pissed off about it too.

  • It was hysterical

  • I shamelessly stole this format from bluejeanjexy's format of "And in other news"

  • She's likely to be pretty darned bitter about it.

  • I feel mildly guilty about it.

  • Isn't imitation supposed to be the greatest form of flattery?

  • If I write a novel in November, it's likely to be 200 pages of pure crap.

  • Do I care?

  • I hate that my perfectly good Coke tastes like pennies!!!! Blah.

  • Now that I have a paid account, I believe I need more icons. I think I need an icon for these quickie posts.

  • Get your mind out of the gutter!

  • That is, I need an icon if bluejeanjexy isn't irrevocably pissed at me for shamelessly stealing her format.

  • I had decided on a new user name for my journal (though obviously never gotten around to re-naming it), but I'm getting some pressure to go with a different name.

  • I think I may use my new-found skill of poll-making to do a run-off vote on the two names

  • Bet you're dying to know what the two names are. Seth and Jim probably know. The rest of you will have to wait with baited breath.

  • See? I can do this novel thing...I've got the suspense thing going. ;)

  • I keep thinking I'm done with my quickies, and then I think of something else to write. These quickies aren't so quick.


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