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Stupid People Who Make My Life More Aggravating Than It Already Is - Karen's Musings
Random Rambling
Stupid People Who Make My Life More Aggravating Than It Already Is

 I am getting an ear infection.  My second in two weeks (different ear), which is pretty much how my life goes.  I can't find my ear drops so I needed to get it refilled at the pharmacy.  This involved the unenviable task of speaking with a CVS pharmacy technician.  UGH. 

 After 11 and a half minutes on hold I got an idiot tech who couldn’t even figure out how to use a phone, let alone a computer. And he sure as heck didn’t know how to use “active listening" skills.  Observe:

“Hi, my name is Karen Cohen.  I had an ear drop filled recently, but I can’t remember the name of the medication and I need to refill it.  It is the only ear drop I have had filled in the last couple weeks, so it should be fairly easy to find.”
“I’m sorry, I really can’t hear you.”
“I’m sorry, but it sounds like you have something over the speaker part of the phone.  I can barely hear you.”
“No I scratchyscratchy don’tscratchyanyscratchythephone”
“Really I can’t hear you.  There’s something wrong.”
*something changes in the quality of the phone*  He has clearly taken the phone off his shoulder and actually put it up near his mouth.
“What is your last name?”
Though I am now exasperated that he didn’t bother listening to my name at the beginning of the call, I say, “Cohen, c-o-h-e-n.”
“First name?”
“Karen.  K-a-r-e-n.”
“N!!!!  K-A-R-E-NNNNNN!!!”
“Okay.  Which medication would you like to refill?”
“ *sputter*  Really?  After keeping me on hold for over ten minutes it would have been really nice if you would have at least *tried* to listen to me when I was talking.  I don’t remember the name of the medication, but it is the only ear drop that I have filled recently.”
Stupid tech fumbles around for a *full*  minute or so.
“I don’t see it.”
“I filled it on June 9th or 10th.  It’s the only ear drop I’ve filled recently.”
“Okay.  Yeah.  Let me look.”
Silence.  Fumbling around.  Muttering to himself.  No acknowledgment of me being on the other end of the phone.
“Yeah, I don’t see it.”


“Oh, okay.”

 And then I spoke to Daniel, pharmacist extraordinaire.   Who found it in 10 seconds flat.  And it will be ready tomorrow.



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yeishlitikvah From: yeishlitikvah Date: June 22nd, 2011 01:58 am (UTC) (Link)
refuah shelaima...btw you post soo infrequently, I was half way through the post before I realized you had posted and not someone else. lol
cahwyguy From: cahwyguy Date: June 22nd, 2011 02:14 am (UTC) (Link)
For things like this, using the website to do refills is ideal. I do it all the time with Walgreens (we can't stand CVS pharmacies, but I'm sure their webpage provides the ability to see your prescriptions and request refills online).
mortuus From: mortuus Date: June 22nd, 2011 02:16 am (UTC) (Link)
The CVS webpage does indeed provide it. I used it all the time. CVS still screws up my prescriptions regularly despite that, but at least I don't have to speak to the tech as much.
mortuus From: mortuus Date: June 22nd, 2011 02:14 am (UTC) (Link)
Ugh. As one who has also been subject to the incompetence of CVS's pharmacy techs, I feel your pain.

And I hope the ear drops heal you quickly.
cellio From: cellio Date: June 22nd, 2011 03:27 am (UTC) (Link)
Argh. That's not even trying to do his job! It's a good thing Daniel was there, at least.
hannahsarah From: hannahsarah Date: June 22nd, 2011 04:42 am (UTC) (Link)
I have to go to a different neighborhood to get my prescriptions filled. At all the pharmacies around here, none of the techs speak English AT ALL. I mean, I'm happy that the various immigrant populations are getting their medical needs met, but really, is it too much to ask? After getting a few too many bottles of the wrong meds, the wrong count, or the wrong dosage, I realized that taking the bus for a half an hour each way was worth it.

Feel better soon!
debsters1101 From: debsters1101 Date: June 23rd, 2011 12:52 am (UTC) (Link)
ugh. whenever I call any place that has any of my info I start off by saying Hi my name is .... spell out my whole name. can you please look up my record and then I will tell you why I am calling?
From: atimesif Date: June 29th, 2011 05:02 am (UTC) (Link)
definitely unnecessary aggravation.

i got a good laugh out of it though, so it was good for something!
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