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a good night...

This evening since Seth was working and I was bored, I went over to Kelly's house. It's always weird being in the house, because I used to live there and she keeps changing/rearranging the furniture. So I used to live there and I know where most things are, but it keeps changing and looks nothing like it was when I was there.

Anyway, the kids are adorable. And huge. Adam is 8 and Jessica is 3. Jessica was just three months old when I first moved in. Gosh. Time flies... For the first time in ages, Jessica was glad to see me and even said she wanted me to baby sit her. It used to be that she took one look at me, assumed I'd be babysitting, and started saying how much she hates me. But now she spends more time with mommy, so she likes me again. She just got this adorable haircut. It's a chin-length bob with bangs. Adorable. They cut FIVE inches off!! Unfortunately, her asshole father (Kelly and he are divorced) made fun of the haircut and she cried. How dumb can you be? How can you take such joy away from a child? She loves that haircut. Sigh.

After we got the kids to bed, Kelly and I chatted for a bit and she taught me some sign language. I learned how to say "My green car is lost" (she couldn't remember how to say stolen) and "My green car is found". Not very useful phrases, but she was trying to demonstrate how the grammar works... adjectives come after the noun... so it was more like "My car, green car, mine, lost" But close enough. And I learned "Are you deaf?" (more like "you deaf you" with raised eyebrows, but you get the picture so to speak). Finally, and most importantly, I figured out how to say "my brother is an asshole." She also taught me useful stuff like "beer" and "wine". Definitely good ones to have.

It was fun and I nearly lost track of time until Seth called my cell phone to tell me I'd left the oven on for several hours. Oooops. This is a problem. Last night when I rearranged the freezer (after buying a shelf for it), I accidentally left chicken and brisket strips out on the counter until Seth found them late this morning. And yesterday afternoon after spending a lot of time making chicken salad, I left it out for six hours. It's getting worse. I think something's wrong and I'm definitely starting to get worried. Hopefully this is temporary. Keep your fingers crossed.

Tomorrow is my haftorah class, which I'm eager to get back to. Now if only I could find my notebook...

Also, the embroidery for the chuppah is coming along nicely. I haven't worked on it for a day or two, but I took another look at it this evening and it's really going well. The two pieces that I've started are nearly finished. Next I get to work on a fish. Or a dove. I think a fish, though.

Plus, we're actually starting to get work done on the house. We bought new tile for the foyer, a new faucet for the kitchen sink, and brought home a carpet sample for the living room/dining room. It's a lovely blue which goes well with the couches and the walls (which are a sort of gray color...somewhere between gray and taupe), but it's still neutral enough that someone buying the house wouldn't be disgusted by it. We also got a bunch of new things for the upstairs bathroom and now all I have to do is paint it. But first, Seth has to wipe down the walls and get rid of some of the residue which has been accumulating (hint, hint) :)

Anyway, that's all for now. I'm a very tired Karen and I have to be able to wake up for work tomorrow. Oh, that's the other thing, after a week and a half of being sick, I'm starting to feel NORMAL again and I was even able to go for a full 9 1/2 hour day at work today. Whoopie!!

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