Karen (estherchaya) wrote,

disaster averted

I was supposed to see a doctor at Johns Hopkins at the end of October. A week or so before the appointment, I got a call from the department assistant telling me that they needed to cancel the appointment because the doctor was out sick for an indefinite time. I could reschedule for her next available appointment or meet with one of the other doctors if I wanted to be seen sooner.

So I called scheduling and the doctor's next appointment available was January 4th. I asked if the other doctors could see me instead. No problem, they said, Dr. C's next appointment is February 21st and Dr. whatever's next appointment is March 4th. No thank you. I stuck with the doctor I'd originally scheduled with (my preference anyway).

Now we're less than two weeks away from the appointment and I checked my voicemail today to find a message from Leslie at Johns Hopkins asking me to please call her.

My stomach sank as I dialed her number.

But, hoooray! She was calling to confirm the appointment and to ask me to fax my medical records to her. That is a much better reason to call. Phew. Maybe JHU will actually have some answers for me. Hah!

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