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First, I should make very clear that radioactive eggs are disgusting.  Even if it didn't have a rotten metallic tangy taste to it, just sitting there chewing a hardboiled egg with no water to wash it down, on an empty stomach, when severe persistent nausea is already a problem, thinking about the fact that you're intentionally swallowing a radioactive substance is stomach-turning in and of itself.  I daresay, I will have more pleasant meals at some point in the future.  

Anyway, I miraculously  kept it down for the duration of the study, but threw it up when I came home, meaning it's unclear how much radiation is actually still in me.  According to Seth's research I'm emitting gamma rays right now, but it can't be getting into my breast milk.  Even if it was getting into the breast milk, apparently I don't even have to "pump and dump" .... I just have to pump and freeze until at least 5 half lives have passed (about 30 hours).  Then the radiation magically goes "poof".  Or, um, something more scientific sounding (per Seth: "it goes across the universe in the form of gamma ray photons."  Frankly, that sounds like a bunch of hooey also, but I guess he knows what he's talking about).  Obviously, we're exercising an abundance of caution, but I'm irritated at the fact that no one's told me I shouldn't be holding her, but everyone's said I shouldn't nurse her, when apparently the risk has nothing to do with my breast milk. (No, I'm not emitting enough radiation that holding her will harm her, but the point is my milk doesn't have anything in it that's going to harm her either)

I'm not currently glowing in the dark, so I figure we're pretty safe.  But if I grow an eleventh toe or something, I'll make sure to post pictures.

Oh, and I don't know the results of the study, but I should know when I see my doctor Monday afternoon.  Meanwhile, my doctor switched me to Domperidone which is working way better than the Reglan (without all the yucky side effects), so I have been able to keep a couple things down (half a bagel last night - win!).

Tags: breastfeeding, medical

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