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Testing Testing

So because I've got doctors who are all over my medical issues like white on rice, I'm having a lot of tests.  Last week I had an endoscopy (EGD) and an MRCP (MRI of the common bile duct), followed by a procedure.  This week, is even more fun-filled.

Echocardiogram 9:40am
LC appt. for Tobie at 1:30 (this isn't a test, but it is something that's on my plate today)
Ped. appt. for Julian @2pm (ditto above - not a test, but one more thing to fit in)
4pm gastric emptying study.  That's right, I get to eat radioactive eggs*.  Bet none of you can say that today!


Abdominal and Head CT Scans.


Should be an exciting week!  Whee!    Admittedly, this is the kind of excitement I could live without.

* I was worried that I wouldn't be able to eat the radioactive eggs (aside from the obvious conundrum of how to keep them down), because of the kashrut issue, but was surprised to find out that they don't present a huge kashrus issue (something about them not being ingested for nourishment, plus they're cooked in dedicated cookware and it's definitely a chicken egg, not like a bacon infused ostrich egg or something).  Anyway, what I forgot to ask is whether they get a bracha. I'm guessing not.
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