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Tobie's Birth Story
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estherchaya From: estherchaya Date: May 10th, 2010 03:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
That is definitely irony - I can understand why you needed the c-section to keep your sanity. But my last c-section sucked so badly, and the spinal. Oh god, the spinal. Gah. If I'd had to have a c-section this time, I was seriously considering general anesthesia - no joke. As it turned out the epidural *was* a lot better. I could still move my legs, sort of (well, I could totally move my right leg, and sort of move my left leg), but more importantly, the epidural wore off nearly immediately after turning it off. When I had the spinal, it was HOURS later before I had any sensation back, and even longer before I could actually trust my ability to move my legs - they felt like lead weights until the next morning. I had specifically asked the anesthesiologist with the triplets to give me an epidural rather than a spinal so that it could be TURNED OFF (whereas the spinal just has to wear off). She told me that they use epidurals when they need them to last longer, but that it takes just as long to wear off as a spinal once you turn it off. She was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG (as I now know).

Yes, it was Dr. Sinesie (I don't love putting full names in the post b/c I don't necessarily want my stuff googleable). She's amazing and I adore her. I ADORE Dr. Simmonds - but I'm not blind to the fact that if he'd been on call, I would have had a c-section stat. Mind you, he wouldn't have been wrong - that was Dr. Matia's opinion also - the safest most predictable outcome would have been from a c-section and it *was* important to get that baby out sooner than later. But I'm so grateful that Dr. Sinesie was on call which left me able to explore options that might otherwise have been closed.

See, I do find that 3cm thing to be impossible... I just wasn't in that much pain (and it was more spread out). It probably helps that I'd been having painful contractions for months by then, but still!). I could easily breathe through the 3cm contractions. It wasn't until I was going from 6-10cm in 20 minutes, without realizing it, that it was something I couldn't breathe through without constant coaching from the charge nurse. Honestly, if someone had told me that I wouldn't have to endure HOURS of that level of pain, but that it would be over in less than an hour, I may have not demanded the epidural (though I don't regret getting it - it was what I needed at that moment, so it was the right decision). The only problem would have been getting me to BELIEVE the person telling me it would be less than an hour. At that point, I was quite certain everyone was lying to me and torturing me on purpose for fun and entertainment. It's kind of funny in retrospect...
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