Karen (estherchaya) wrote,

Beach Vacation

If you haven't seen on Facebook, my still-nameless Baby Girl was readmitted to the hospital this afternoon for high bilirubin levels.  She's doing fine - much better than this morning, that's for sure - but I'm still tired of hospitals and anxious to be home at some point...  

Anyway, she's tanning herself under the bili lights, complete with beach sunglasses (blindfold, really).  She's incredibly ticked off about the blindfold, actually - and I don't blame her.  She keeps taking it off, and while I applaud her independent, rebellious spirit, I wish she wouldn't.  We don't need her to have problems with her eyes on top of all this.  She's the fifth baby - she doesn't get to be high maintenance!  (Just kidding - obviously she's already asserted that she'll be the judge of high maintenance.

Here's my precious girl:
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