Karen (estherchaya) wrote,

hormones and humor

I posted something in the pregnant community today because I completely lost it while watching some reruns of The West Wing today.  They were running the two-part episode ("In the Shadow of Two Gunmen" - the season 2 premier episodes) where Josh and the president are shot and in surgery.  Every hospital scene that flashed had me sobbing. It seemed like an over the top response to have and while I know that pregnancy is this hormonal emotional roller coaster for many women, but I've never really had this kind of response before. (don't get me wrong - I'm hormonal... my temper is shorter than ever and I snap for no good reason frequently, but crying? Not as much.)

I received a lot of responses most of which boiled down to "you're totally normal." But the BEST response I've received so far was this one:

"It's okay to cry at tWW. It was the best show on television, ever. ;-)"

That just about summed it right up.

(and in my defense - that's an incredibly well written, well acted, and well executed episode).
Tags: pregnancy

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