Karen (estherchaya) wrote,

Not For Those With A Weak Stomach

 No, seriously, if you have a weak stomach, this probably isn't the post for you - blood and guts and gore ahead...

So last night, Seth went to brush his teeth and I heard him making a funny sound and I asked if he was okay.  

Seth:  "Yeah, it's just that if you're using mouthwash and then you suddenly sneeze?  It's not so much fun."
Me:  "Last night I threw up and freaked out because there was a pool of blood in the toilet.  Then I figured out I had a nosebleed"
Seth:  "Yep, you win."

I will not tell you about tonight's experience with the porcelain goddess, but suffice it to say, it was slightly more disturbing.

So ... while we're on the topic, the most common questions I get asked about this hyyperemesis thing are:

1.  Do you ever eat?
2.  Do you ever get hungry?
3.  If you're not eating, how/what could you possibly still be throwing up?  (seriously, do you REALLY want to know?  Ick)

1.  Yes.  I do occasionally try to eat something mild.  It has to be worth it, though, because it's incredibly rare for me to keep any food down - and then it's usually only a nibble.
2.  Yes, I do get hungry occasionally - but not often. I am pretty constantly nauseated so food usually isn't particularly appealing.  
3.  Well, there is the little bit that I do try to eat occasionally, the sips of water or gingerale I take to get my Procardia down, and so on.  But mostly it's just stomach acid.  It's disgusting and painful, and frankly is probably doing damage to my esophagus, but there's not a lot of choice in the matter.

What?  I did warn you that this post is not for those with a weak stomach.  I did tell you there'd be some blood and guts and gore involved in this post!
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