Karen (estherchaya) wrote,

Still in the Slammer

I'm still in the hospital. I watched 25-30 inches of snow fall out of the sky through my hospital window. I have no idea how I will ever get my car out of the hospital parking lot. Ever. Especially since it appears that I am now on "bed rest with bathroom privileges" for the duration.

Still having contractions, but they're under much better control than they had been, thankfully. I woke up at 4 this morning with incredibly painful contractions coming every 1-2 minutes and thought I was headed down the mag sulfate path again, but I narrowly escaped. It did land me on yet another antibiotic (I'm now on ampicillin AND azithromycin) and made everyone doubly happy that I'd gotten betamethasone injections Wednesday and Thursday. My terb dose was upped, my procardia and indocin were pushed forward on the timetable, and I was given nubain for the pain. I didn't want pain medicine, but the doc said it could help calm the contractions, too - and whether it was the Nubain, the Terb, the Indocin, or the Procardia, the contractions DID calm down eventually.

I've had a string of good-to-middling nurses since I got here. Some are better than others. Most can't seem to figure out that if my IV Phenergan order is written as "25mg every 6 hours" then I should be getting 25 mg every six hours, whether I ask for it or not. Why is this such a difficult concept? Most are perplexed by the fact that I'm not eating. Hi. The Zofran pump isn't just for show. I'm not kidding when I say I don't eat. "But you should try!" Right. I should try so that I can fall all over myself while I try to unplug the toco monitor, unplug the IV Pole, untangle my two pumps and dash to the bathroom to throw it up? I don't think so. Yes, I could use an emesis basin - but then I'd have to call and wait for a nurse to get here to dispose of it and.. well, ew!

One of the lumens on my PICC line has stopped working. I could have predicted this. Actually, I *did* predict this. When I was admitted on Wednesday, I made it clear that it needed to have a heparin flush. "No it doesn't. It's a PowerPICC." Um, yes, yes it is. And the hospital that put the damn thing IN gave me clear instructions that it needs to be flushed every 24 hours with heparin, even if I'm running continuous fluids. "Well, we don't do that." They may not do that, and Seth gave me some very good reasons about why hospitals are jumpy about heparin in an L&D unit, but it doesn't change the fact that I now have what appears to be a permanent obstruction in on side of my PICC line (and the medication they'd normally use to fix that can't be used during pregnancy, for what it's worth). So it now appears that I'll be getting PICC line number 3 for this pregnancy. I didn't even have ONE PICC line for the triplets!

My nurse Friday night kept coming in every 5 minutes to readjust the fetal heartrate monitor. I told her that there wasn't really any good reason that it needed to stay on - my admission orders were for NSTs qShift. But she kept coming in and waking me up to fix it anyway. Eventually, she called the doctor and woke her up and was told to take the darned FHR monitor OFF. So she took it off and said that way she won't have to keep bothering me. She came in 20 minutes later to tell me she'd reviewed my orders and I didn't need continuous fetal heart rate monitoring, which is good because that way, she won't have to keep waking me up. She came in 20 minutes after THAT to readjust the toco sensor (contraction monitor). She woke me up because I was having a few contractions. "Do you feel those?" Yes, I do. Now may I go to sleep now? She left, but was back 10 minutes later to see how I was feeling. Fine, except for the whole "I'd like to sleep" thing. Eventually *I* woke up from painful contractions and the fun began. But seriously - she had to have woken me up 6 or 7 times for no good reason.

So many people said to me, while I was anxiously hoping to get out of here on Friday, "Stay put! Get rest and relaxation while you can!" Wait, what? Have any of these people ever actually STAYED in a hospital before? Hospitals are no place for either rest OR relaxation!
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