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I just got home from what I suspect will be the first of many visits to the Labor & Delivery unit. I was having a lot of cramping, low back pain, and pelvic pressure. Indocin didn't help at all, so off to L&D I went, per my doctor's instructions.

Surprise, surprise! I was having contractions. Good news is that my fetal fibronectin test was negative. This means I'm unlikely to deliver in the next two weeks due to cervical incompetence. I got three terbutaline shots, 20 minutes apart. Gah. I forgot how much terb sucks. Particularly if it's not on a pump. My contractions slowed way down after the first two injections and the plan was to send me home after a bit of monitoring after the third injection. Except my contractions were back in full force after the third injection. My pulse was also through the roof (terb can do that), so I got to stick around L&D for longer than I cared to. Much to the nurse's surprise, the doctor said I could go home despite contractions 2 minutes apart since the fFN was negative.

Of course, now the terb is making me so jumpy and shaky that sleep is elusive. Not to mention the nausea - I missed dose of Phenergan because of the visit - so I'm now all caught up on the meds and waiting for sleep.

Really, technically this baby is "viable" - but I will be most grateful if I don't have to test that theory right now.
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