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*Still* OB-less

 I had another practice tell me this week that they were declining to accept me as a patient.  Don't you love that kind of language?  I guess it makes them feel less... responsible in a way.  But I had some success on the OB front this week despite that.  I called the birth advisor at Shady Grove Hospital.  SG is not my preferred choice of hospitals, but I had much better reasons to avoid it with the triplets than I do now - their NICU wouldn't have kept the three babies together, they didn't have private rooms for post-partum care, and it was further away, so dealing with traffic to get to see my babies every day for a month wasn't appealing.  This time... well, they've redone their maternity suites and they are all now private rooms.  I am not anticipating a NICU stay, but if it came to that, I certainly don't have to worry about siblings being separated (this is ONE baby not three!!!).  I'm unlikely to need to be at the hospital daily for a month like I was with the triplets.  So it's a viable option, though scandalous to think that I wouldn't deliver at the hospital five minutes from my home and where my husband works every day!

But since my options are dwindling, and the next most viable option is to go to GW (FAR less convenient), I called the birth advisor at SG.  I explained the difficulty I was having in finding an obstetrician willing to take me on and though I wasn't looking for her to solve that problem, but just rather to acquaint me with SG's facility and what they have to offer, she jumped right in and said "we have to find you an obstetrician!  This is ridiculous!"  Ten minutes later, she had an appointment for me with a practice that many of my friends have recommended, but had previously hemmed and hawed about getting an initial OB appointment this late in my pregnancy.   I'll have that appointment on Tuesday.  If it doesn't go well, I'm seeing my perinatologist on Wednesday and I'll tell him my two options are to see him directly or to go to GW's practice, which I don't want to do and which would mean losing his care all together, since the GW practice is mixed with OBs and MFMs, so I wouldn't need a separate perinatology practice.

One way or another, this OB dilemma will be resolved next week.

Meanwhile, the perinatologist I saw on the 18th started me on an IV Steroid course.  The hope was that it would do a fair bit for the hyperemesis, and I haven't found that to be true - it helped a tiny bit, but nothing earth-shattering.  But it has helped other things.  My sciatic pain is mostly gone, with only occasional twinges.  The inflammation around my PICC site is faring much better.  My itchiness is gone.  The side effects suck (reflux, water retention, and now oral thrush!  Whee!), but the steroids still aren't without their benefits.   

The baby is growing perfectly - and appears to have all the necessary parts (brain, toes, heart...).  I'm having a full anatomy scan on Wednesday, so we'll get to see even more of that precious little baby.  I've been feeling fetal movement for a few weeks now - it's not nearly as prominent as when I had three poking at me, but it's definitely there, and I definitely have an active healthy baby.  So far, the baby is thriving, even if I'm not, which is the most important thing.  And fortunately, there's an end in sight for even the unpleasant parts - once I deliver this baby, most, if not all, of the torturous parts of all this should lift fairly quickly, if not immediately.  So long as it's not forever, I can handle it.
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