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haftorah trope...

Forgot to say in my last entry that I missed my haftorah class on Tuesday thanks to being sick with no voice and also waiting for the stupid cable-modem-repair-person. I shouldn't complain...he's the only one of the FOUR technicians they sent out that managed to fix the problem. But I digress...

So anyway, we had two weeks of no class, and then I missed the class this week, so I've been without class for three weeks. But I'm still a classy lady, and don't you forget it. The nice thing is that I spent a lot of time just singing and practicing the trope on my own, and I can now sing nearly the entire first page without stopping and stumbling and stuttering and crying. Okay, I've never actually cried over Haftorah Trope, I've just thought really hard about it.

Lastly, the other way cool thing about this class, I noticed last night while bentsching and today in services... My Hebrew facility has really improved. I'm a lot faster and I don't second-guess myself nearly as much. Plus, I keep picking up vocabulary. I'm so thrilled about this side-effect of the class. I mean, Regina (our teacher who has the patience of Job), told us that it would have that side effect, but I pretty much didn't believe her.


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