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All of my kids love to get smooches these days, and they are so fun to love.  They are huggable and snuggable and kissable and lovable.  They are perfect little angels (um, most of the time). 



Julian gives lots of hugs and kisses and will even just randomly say "Eema?  I love you so much!"  He is so loving and kind.  He never hesitates to stop and give big bear hugs to the people he loves, and he hasn't yet gotten to an age where giving mommy a kiss is icky (though he won't share a plate with me, because he might get my "cuties" if he does!) 


Abby loves to be held and will giggle if you give her kisses.  Occasionally, she'll turn her cheek toward you if she realizes you're trying to give her a kiss.  She gets extremely excited when either Seth or I walk into a room, and she'll come bounding over to be picked right up.  Alternatively, she'll lift up her shirt to expose her little belly to be tickled and then she'll giggle wildly when you do tickle her.  If you don't oblige her in the tickle-fest, she gets quite upset.  She's the most prone to sudden bouts of anger and a temper tantrum, but also easily consoled, because you can swiftly pick her up, give her some kisses and she's off and giggling again. 


Sam is my mama's boy, and a real snuggle-bunny.  If he sees me walk into the room, nothing can stop him.  He will be on a mission to get across the room to get to Mommy!  He'll come running over, arms wide, ready to be scooped up into the air.  His belly-laugh makes my heart skip a beat, and his smile could light up a whole city.  He takes longer to warm up to other people than the girls do, and he is more likely to run to me if there are other people around than he is likely to run to them, but he does eventually warm up to people without too much of a problem.  He's a sweet thing.  When I ask him for kisses, he puts his forehead toward me to get a kiss - proof that he does understand some things!



Yeah, I know I already had a picture of Ellie, but I'll be honest, I couldn't pick one.  This picture is the "after" picture, so to speak.  This is what happens to her hair after a nap, if it's been up in a ponytail like in the previous picture!  Ellie has really caught on to the whole smoochapalooza idea.  Yesterday, I gave Ellie a kiss and she made a "mwah" sound while I was kissing her.  I thought it was a fluke, but I was delighted!  I said, "Will you give me a kiss, Ellie?" and she leaned over, puckered her little lips and gave me a kiss, complete with "mwah" sound.  And then she giggled, and so did I!  For half an hour, we played the smooches game and she giggled as we showed off her new trick to Abba when he came home.  And this new skill was not a fluke - she still does it today!  Hooray!

There's a whole lotta lovin' goin' on in Chez Cohen!

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