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another long hiatus, and another long entry...

yeah...I'm a slug. I knew this whole journal thing was a bad idea. I'll never post on a regular basis. Sigh. Well, so, what's been going on?

*well, for one I've been sick, which is general ickiness. I didn't have a voice for about a week and I felt generally lousy. I missed about a week and a half of work (though I did a fair amount of work from home), and so now I'm really, really, really behind at work. But such is life. Perhaps I'll get something accomplished in the coming week.

*Wedding Planning: Not much new going on there, though honestly I can't remember the last time I posted about wedding plans. So in a nutshell....
1. The Dress... I still haven't looked for a dress. I'm dreading this actually. It's going to be horrifying. Perhaps the most horrifying part of the whole process. Well, that's my current opinion. I mean, the otherhard parts are taken care of, and they weren't so bad. But I hate dress shopping in the first place, let alone a big, white, meringue/marshmallow looking dress. All I can think about it 100 pairs of eyes staring at my substantially sized butt. My mom says the answer to that is a long train and a really long veil. But I don't think anything's going to help this feeling of self-consciousness. Why can't we be facing the guests?? Well, enough of that complaining.

2. The Chuppah.... I've settled on a design and a quote for the chuppah and I started the embroidery at the end of December. It's really coming along nicely and I'm excited that it's coming along so quickly. I'm still certain that in a few months I'm going to be hating myself for thinking "gee wouldn't it be nice if I made the chuppah myself?" In the meantime, I'm having fun and the embroidery is coming along nicely.

3. The place.... We still know we're having the ceremony and reception at the Sheraton in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. But come to think of it, I've got to call that wedding coordinator and find out why we don't have a contract in hand... she promised me that the date is reserved for us regardless of whether we had the contract, but I'm starting to get nervous about that...

4. The Band... Well, this is making me nervous too. For the type of atmosphere and type of music Seth/we want, we've got to have a band. I've got a perfect band, absolutely perfect. But is it really worth all that extra money? My sources say yes. Which is to say, the Magic 8 Ball promised me twice in a row that it was. Plus, a few friends said so. But my father heard the word band and raised an eyebrow. He's helping us pay for the wedding, but we don't know how much, and he didn't say "I'll pay for flowers, music, and photographer," he said "I'll give you some amount of money, but I'm not sure how much yet." So it's not like our decision to have a band impacts him financially. But on the other hand, he's kind of right. Well, anyway, I have an appointment with the band-leader-person on the 18th, so we'll see if he can convince me it's worth the money.

5. Other Sundry Details.... I think I've decided against getting a paper-cut ketubah. Too much money. But I think I've found a couple others Seth will like. Now I just have to remember to show them to him. Still haven't looked for bridesmaids' dresses yet either. It doesn't help that all three of my bridesmaids are in different states and none of those states is Maryland. Diana was going to come down to take a look, but her trip got postponed.

*Oh yeah, I'm official. Went to the mikveh Dec. 12th. Now just have to work through some personal issues of halacha, and I'll be all set.

*My grandfather... I'm going to Florida on the 24th and returning on the 27th of this month. This, unfortunately, means I'll miss the Sisterhood Kickoff event, World Wide Wrap, and the Blood Drive at the shul. On the other hand, I'll be getting my first opportunity in a year and a half and perhaps last opportunity ever to see my grandfather. So the sacrifice is worth it. I'm going with my father and he paid for the tickets saying that I had enough expenses to deal with, so that's pretty cool.

I guess that's about it.... There's not a lot else going on around here. Well, there's plenty, but that's all I have the patience to post right now. More later.

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