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I've not updated much in recent weeks. This is a pattern for me, of course. I make long updates promising that I'll be better about updating in the future, and then I'm not. I write a couple one-liner entries, and then a long-winded update and the cycle starts over again.

So this time I'm not going to promise to be better in the future. What the hell. It's MY journal.

So quickies:

Harry Potter
I did, of course read the fifth Harry Potter book in about two days. I was determined not to sleep until I finished it, but my eyelids didn't like that idea.

Work is going well. I'm very busy, which has its pluses and minuses. I was miserable when I had nothing to do, so I'm quite pleased that I have more than enough work to do now. On the other hand, there just never are quite enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to get done. I'm transitioning toward doing strictly certification and accreditation work, which is great. I'm well-suited for it, and its far more intellectually stimulating than sitting around bored. ;)

Most people in my office are off at the annual security conference in Baltimore right now. I had to go up there after work to help out my boss with pulling together some of his presentations. So I worked quite a long day yesterday and I'm in for more of the same today. Whoopie!

I'm constantly amazed that I'm married. It sounds weird I know. But I look up at Seth and realize he's my husband...that we're going to have a lifetime together, and that HE actually was willing to make a lifetime commitment to put up with me... it's truly amazing. He does the greatest things for me. It's the little things, of course. If I mention in passing that I can't reach something (usually medicine), I find it on the bottom shelf the next morning waiting for me. He always knows when I'm in a potato chip mood. He spent his morning moving hostas for me. (well, for us, but who's counting).

It's so odd how a piece of paper and a ceremony have such power to change the perception that we have about our relationship. it's so subtly different, but it's very much enhanced. Of course, everyone told us this would be so. But still. It doesn't keep it from being odd.

The house
We're making steady improvements to the house. I got rid of some boxes that were stacked up in the living room making it look even messier (and more cluttered) than it already was. I also got rid of a stack of dvd's that was just messily piled up. It's amazing how much of a difference those little things can make in a room. Seth installed blinds in the living room at long last. They make me very happy. :)

We're still planning to put Pergo down in the living room and kitchen. Now if only Seth and I could find time at the same time to go and pick out the Pergo and look into installation.

We had a handyman trim our tree so that it's not hanging in the gutter any more. We should probably get someone to check out the gutter also, but I'm lazy. The same handyman is going to come and repair our front walk by laying down new concrete. I'm not loving the checks we're writing him, but when it comes down to it, he's got VERY reasonable rates, so we're not being ripped off or anything. I just don't like parting with money. ;)

my car
My poor little car. I think it needs new brakes for the FIFTH time since I acquired it. Sigh. And it's leaking oil. Which is fine because it needs an oil change anyway. Oh, and I need a new right-side view mirror.

Anyway, that's all I have time for now. Maybe more later. Maybe not.

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